these are a few of my favorite things

Here is a list of some items I am really enjoying.

1) Under the Green Corn Moon cd. This cd is full of wonderful, Native American lullabies.
We all enjoy listening to these songs. They are soothing and sweet.
Pollywog loves to dance to the music and when she hears it at night, she knows it's bedtime. Here is a sample of the tunes.

2) Pollywog's Foogo has been a nice addition. There are no harmful chemicals, it's cute, and her beverages stay cold during the summer heat.

3) My new Tevas
These just recently replaced my old ones, that I had for the last 5 years. I love these flip flops because they are durable, they don't slip on wet rocks or poolside, and they support my ankle. The new ones I got, don't have a strap between the toe, they just slide on. I love them!

4) My husband's home-made, dark chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious, and our ruining my healthy challenge (yeah, I need to write about that soon, later...) My hubby is amazing in the kitchen. He makes the best breakfasts ( I suck at this) and his brownies and cookies are always moist, how does he do this? I am munching on some now while pollywog is napping.

5)olive oil...this stuff is magic, really. It has now replaced my moisturizer, has polished my woods in the house, and healed a burly sunburn I was sporting, ouch! Here is 101 uses for olive oil.

6)baskets, pottery, wooden bowls and glass jars... Getting rid of the plastic and liquid soaps, in my house has not only been beneficial for our health, but also esthetically pleasing. The beautiful bars of soap lay in wooden bowls I've collected from flea markets over the years, and they hold my produce divinely.
Baskets and pottery, house a number of items like pollywog's toys, pens and pencils, art supplies, breads, and bathroom items. Glass jars are filled with various cooking, liquids that are illuminated by sunlight. I love the large, glass canisters that are filled with flours, sugars and grains. I am still on the look out for more of these, b/c you just cannot have enough. I am especially looking for a wooden, salad bowl set and pepper grinder, (right now I use my mortar and pestel)

7) Lapsang Souchong tea...Oh my I love this tea. A long time ago, I spent a summer traveling around Portland, Oregon and then Colorado. While in Portland I went to the Tao of Tea and had some of this tea. It has a smoky, campfire taste...really. It's actually really mellow and woodsy.
I bought some and took it with me to Colorado. Now whenever I smell or drink this tea, I am immediately taken back to the cool, crisp mornings of Colorado. It's great iced too.