The perfect day...

Do you ever have one of those days when everything runs smoothly and falls into place? You know, the kind of day when you often think, "why doesn't every day work like this?"
Well that was the kind of day I had today.
As I do every morning, I woke up to a smiling, laughing, hugging and kissing pollywog. We had a nice breakfast and she even colored while I drank my coffee. This is a rarity as I am often downing it or drinking it cold... CJ even stuck around the house today, which too, is rare. He is usually off with his friends riding bikes, swimming, getting scrapped knees.
I took the kids to the pool and we had such a nice time. I had time to relax today, I got to work out and noticed that my endurance is building. The house stayed fairly clean today. I had energy all day. I ate healthy and didn't snack, much. Everyone was in a good mood all day. I got to have one on one time with both my children. 
Days like this don't come often. So when they do I treasure them and and gear up for the normal days when life is hectic and adventurously unpredictable. The days that allow me to appreciate the ones like today.
I have to say, today was a good day.