kinda busy...

The Green Smoothie Challenge is going good. I am remaining active and eating healthy.
Even between taking CJ to Jr. Lifeguard training and his (many) social activities and playing with my pollywog, I have stayed up on my challenges... which were
1. organize art/school room and paint, paint, paint
2. work-out and get up early
So far so good. The art/school room is a mess. I have slowly been going through my house and continuing my downsizing project. I love it! As I get rid of stuff we don't need or use, and eliminate clutter- I notice my mind feels clear tool. Each room in the house is simple, clutter free and much easier to clean,(yipee) ... with the exception of the art room. Here is an embarrassing picture.

Everything is on the floor as I look for shelving. I need lots of shelf space to store school and art supplies. This is just one corner. I will spare you the rest of the room. It's been difficult to find the shelves I'm looking for so I am going to create my own. I also went to a local shoe store and they gave me a bunch of empty shoe boxes, (who knew- re-use!) I am going to decorate them and they will be my storage bins. I also purchased an Ikea, kids craft table on ebay. Only 24.00- and I sold pollywog's old pack-n-play and highchair for over that amount so I didn't even really spend a penny- I will keep you updated on the progress in this room.
Quick side note- I mentioned selling the highchair b/c pollywog is officially at the big table. It's so cute and she feels so big. She enjoys getting in on the dinner conversation.

I have also been painting ~I am trying to utilize my time wisely and not make excuses. Even when I don't feel like it I make myself and then I start getting into it. My goal is to finish a series by the end of July and show them locally.

I have still not made it to the sunrise cycling class- but- I have been working out and juicing...
speaking of ensure the kids get enough fruit and veggies I made my "Famous Popsicles." (okay, they aren't really famous but they should be)
In a blender I mixed bananas, blueberries, mango and sweet potato- and made a set of pops

Also in my juicer I juiced carrots, apples and beets. I swear by this juice. It is high in iron, builds immunity, gives you lots of energy and taste good...No really they do. They make the prettiest frozen pops too.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, your children, your special someones, and your days. Tomorrow I hope to share some tips with you and a recipe of this'll have to wait and see :)
I'd love to hear about your summer days... I heard yesterday that the sacred is found in the mundane...mmmm