Summer Nights

Warm, humid sunshine kept us indoors most of the day. We laid around like lazy cats, stretching every now and again or creeping into the kitchen in search for food. There was talk about what we should do today? Should we go to a dollar movie? Walk around the air conditioned mall? Maybe go to the science center?...we chose to stay home. So we flipped through magazines, took naps, ate watermelon and berries, and sipped sun tea.
As the sun began to fall we dipped our toes outside and saw that the temperature was right.
Right for bluegrass at a nearby town's Farmers Market, right for a friend of CJ's to sleepover, right for ice cream on the drive home. Right for catching lightning bugs in a jar, right for running in the yard in the dark and right for playing two square in the driveway.
Summer nights always feel right.