I live in a box of paints...

...at least I plan too for awhile... Having studied art in college, I always planned on making a living as an artist, (didn't we all.) That is not so much my goal anymore. Now I just paint because I literally have to, to stay sane...(my version of sane)
I love art, it is in my blood. I think about painting and creating all day long and into the night. I dream my paintings into existence.
However when it comes to the actually process I have always taken a half-arse approach.
I don't take the time to work on my sketches, I often paint while watching movies, I procrastinate- oh how well I do that. I often take it all for granted.
I have always been a stubborn art student- well student in general. The potential is under the surface but my laziness or bullheadedness~ often keeps me from getting to that place.
I remember sitting in art classes thinking- rules, art shouldn't have rules. I'm going to do it my way. I still possess this "quality"- but with more maturity. I don't like to follow any formulas when painting, sculpting etc. I don't want to follow any rules- I am desperate for originality and depth.Somehow I find answers or ask important question in these globs of paint.
But...I believe that in order for me to progress, succeed and learn I must follow the rules by being organized (and this is relative), doing my very best, devoting real time to hone my skills (I will only get out what I put in), and presentation (aka quit being sloppy)
So in the spirit of personal growth I am challenging myself.

1) get up and go to the sunrise cycling class
Seriously folks...I know this would do wonders for my life. I am desperate to do it, but the cozy covers on my bed grab me by the hair, wrap around my shoulders and hold me captive every morning. No more, I say...I will get my flabby butt out of that bed and make myself proud.

2) I'm going to finish the series of paintings I have been talking about, dreaming about, sketching and putting off for forever. No more : I don't have the time, I'm not in the right head space, I need better supplies, blah blah blah Nope I'm gonna do it. No more movies, no more constant cleaning, no more whatever it is I do when I'm not doing what I want.
The plan is to organize the school/art room. It is a mess and no one could be creative in that space. My hubby is on board with this b/c he is sick of me talking about painting and not doing it. Then every night I'm gonna paint, without distractions.
These are the goals...they are big but I am up to the challenge.
I refuse to be an old lady sitting on the porch thinking, "why didn't I live life to the fullest when I had the energy and vivaciousness. "
no regrets...