Verde- Week One

Before I get to the reason for the title (verde)...I thought I better acknowledge the fact that, yes, I have indeed changed my layout a handful of times, and the name of my blog 3 times.
I decided to go with "Fish Dreams" b/c, for one I often compare my personality to a fish, (wow that makes me sound dull.)- I mean in terms of swimming this way and that...I am always "swimming" opposite directions, as my astrological sign shows, (yep, I'm a Pisces). Secondly, I dream a dream, night could say I'm a dreamer (but I'm not the only one...sorry).
Also, I am very visual and the color and lay-outs I tend to obsess over. I have been known to paint a room 3-4 times before feeling satisfied. I cannot promise that I won't change things around here again, but for now, I am good.

Let the Green Smoothie Challenge begin.
The plan is:
Week One: green smoothies for breakfast, healthy eating, no eating after 7, and exercise.
Week Two: same as above, only add a raw meal for lunch too
Week Three: raw food only, no eating after 7, exercise
Week Four: same as week 3
Wrapping up our first week. We have enjoyed the green smoothies (recipes are on Happy Foody blog) with the exception of ones containing parsley. Maybe we got a bad bunch, or have a crappy blender, but in our experience it gave it a bitter taste, and had a yucky consistency. They have given us a jolt of energy in the morning, literally. They make us feel clean, and clear and ready to start our day.
Come lunch time we are ready to eat and for both lunch and dinner we have chosen nutritious foods. Examples of meals this week: smoked salmon and crackers, black beans and rice with veggie toppings, tuna fish, lentil soup, and last night Falafel wrapped in lettuce and topped with mung sprouts, avocado, cucumbers, red and orange bell peppers, tomato and plain yogurt. (yummy) -the left over veggies we added to our smoothies this morning.
We are ready for week 2. I am writing down recipes for raw lunch ideas.